ChromeOS is to Windows like Android was to iOS circa 2008

We're outside the Android Army here so I think that we can all safely admit that no one really likes Chrome OS. No one wants it and no one is buying it.

All in all, it's a bit of a joke! :)

It reminds me of how Android compared to iOS when it was first released. It was crap as well. No one wanted it and the only reason it sold at all was because it was a cheap alternative to the unavailable iOS.


Google didn't care. They kept plugging away at it, iterating year after year until now, 5 years later, they have a product that I think everyone would agree is at least comparable to iOS.

I see the same pattern occurring with Chrome OS. It was completely useless when it was released, but Google kept iterating (multi-window support, offline mail documents and files, image and video editing etc) until such point as it is just a poor quality, weak product rather than useless.

The desktop is tougher than mobile and Windows is a very mature product, so I don't see Google repeating their Android advance at the same rate. However it's not hard to imagine that between 5-10 years from now Google will have a product which doesn't suck, and at the very least is comparable to Windows for a lot of people.

Whether Chrome OS sees the same success as Android is going to depend on Microsoft's ability to combat it on the lower end of the PC price spectrum.