Advice on switching from an iPhone to a Moto X?

My first smartphone was an HTC Incredible. Nice phone, but it pushed me to iOS and the 4S because 2.2 and 2.3 were still laggy and glitchy, especially as the phone aged, and I wanted a more polished experience. (I'm also a Mac user, mostly for the hardware, which I haven't found an equal to on Windows PCs. So many bad trackpads and bulky, plasticky laptops out there. But that's neither here nor there.) Two years later, Android looks amazing for lots of reasons, and there are finally some great Android phones on VZW. So I'm back. I will get my Moto X (black, couldn't wait for Moto Maker) tomorrow. SO Excited. Any advice on switching? Great apps I've missed out on with iOS? Things that are different from iOS and will take getting used to? Things I should look forward to? (For one thing, I'm pumped about LTE, which I realize isn't Android-specific... stupid 4S.) What's the first thing I should do, app I should download, etc., with my new Moto X? This is mostly an open-ended post to let you chime in about all the wonderful things about Android (especially the more recent additions) and the Moto X. But I'm also very interested in hearing from other recent switchers about their experiences, good and bad.