The Absurdity of People and The Fingerprint Concern

I was on twitter last night, that's where I saw the first mention of the iPhone 5s outside of tech blogs. It was my neighbor, she's an average 20 something year old female who currently owns an iPhone 4S aka the type you would expect to buy an iPhone (like the ones in the new iPhone commercials). Her tweet expressed concern about your phone having access to your fingerprint and how it seemed " suspect".

That brings me to the crux of this post. what is so suspect about apple or anyone else collecting your fingerprint?

I know there are a fair amount of tinfoil hat sporting people on earth, and the best place to find them is the Internet. Maybe some of you post here. So lets say appe lied to us, they are sending your prints to the NSA. if we look at the 'average' iPhone user then the NSA just scored on a bunch of free middle class young adult fingerprints. Are they gonna frame us for murder? Drug trafficking? Why am I, and why should you be worried about this? Please explain that to me. Because all i see when I read these types of post and tweets is how absurd people are and how the media changes people's perception. Personally I think there are alot more sophisticated ways to frame someone for crimes, fingerprints are very primitive. And the NSA would probably just prefer to exterminate you with a predator drone imo.

However I cannot stress this enough: if you are an international terrorist do not buy an iPhone 5s!