Macbook Air 2013, 8GB or i7 upgrade?

Sorry if there's a similar thread to this... I did a search but couldn't find anything that answered this question for me.

So tomorrow I'm putting in an order for a new 13" Macbook Air. I'm for sure getting the model with the 256 SSD, as I don't want to have storage issues within a couple months of purchase. What I need help deciding on is, do I get the 8GB upgrade or the i7 processor upgrade?

I'm an iOS and web developer, so the bulk of my time on this machine would be doing tasks related to that. As a web developer, there's situations where I would want to run a server locally to test code, so I thought the processor upgrade might be useful in giving me the head room I need to have a server instance running with various other programs(Chrome windows, text editor, etc.). I might do some light gaming as well, though I plan on building a new pc later to suit those needs. What I'm wondering is, with the super fast pci-express SSD, would I notice any bottlenecks with frequent swapping between the ram in the inevitable event that it would with 4GB? Would I still have plenty of processing power for my needs with just an i5?

I would love to know what you guys think.