Switching from iOS: I need to know which phone is a better day to day device.

Got some good responses on Reddit, thought I'd ask The Verge forums:

I've had an iPhone since the 3G (upgrading bi-yearly) and I'm simply tired of it. I actually like iOS a lot, I just want something different. My final choices are between the HTC One (google play edition) or the Moto X.

I understand the disparity in screens, cameras, and general specs, but frankly playing with both, I could barely tell a difference in speed or screen quality. I like the features of the Moto X (and the fact that its assembled in Merca), I'm just not entirely sure how long I'll actually use them before defaulting to my normal trend of Pocket articles, Dots marathons, and snapchats/ instagrams from dimly-lit bars. I've read varying reviews of the batteries, with the Moto X ranging anywhere from 7-16 hours, and the HTC One anywhere from 7-12 hours...Not entirely helpful data; there's a huge difference between 7 hours and 16.

I suppose my main question is which phone am I going to like in 3 months when I'm bored on the bus or when I need to remember where my meeting is. Specs aside, which Android phone will give me a more frictionless experience?