Why I'm buying the iPhone 5s and not changing over to Android.

I've spent the last few months trying to decide on what phone to buy this autumn. My time limit is 22. of september, the day I'm moving from Hungary to England. Google might still announce the next Nexus but it's unlikely. So I'm sticking with iOS but just barely and I'm planning to pick up a current Nexus 4 sometime in the future (possibly used) to see where Android is.

1. I'm just too deeply in the ecosystem. Apple did a great job. I've been with iOS since the iPhone 3G and I've spent a lot on apps and I've got used to the apps available.

2. I'm a mac user and that definitely won't change. Android works with macs but iOS is better.

3. I like taking pictures and I have a nice DSLR but it's big and heavy so I don't always have it with me, but I do have my phone with me 24/7, therefore having a good camera is important. I like the advancements in the 5s, in term of the camera. I find everything else an okay update but the camera seems to have been done right.

On the other hand I'm sad that Apple is not implementing some stuff. I still miss that I can't change the default apps. I can see why Apple won't do it but it would be a big step forward. I like iOS7 but that making it look good was more important then making is usable. They could have easily made the animations faster.

I'm switching from the 4S so I'm interested to see how the bigger screen feels.