How many people change their phone 'Region'?

I live in Canada, and I am originally from the UK. Every Windows Phone I use I always change the 'region' setting to the US.

I do this, mainly because certain settings/apps are only available with the phone set to the US such as Bing. When set to Canada the search button doesn't swipe to the right to have things like 'Top Headline' or 'Local Deals'

Previously, when I was on WP7.5, Zune wouldn't have artist Bio or Related artists unless the phone was set to US region.

I also alter the region for my iPad to d'load certain apps that are region specific, but I do tend to revert back to Canada for the iPad though.

So just wondering, how many people have their Windows Phone (Or any phone for that matter) set up to a different region than the one where they live in.