Shameless speculation over iPhone 5s colour names



The International Association for Colour Names (tech news journalists, commenters and bloggers) went into a frenzy this week when Apple announced that 'Space Grey' was one of the colour choices for the iPhone 5s. But while everyone obsessed over yet another stupid name the tech industry has graced us with, a more important colour naming evolution happened without much commentary at all: it's now impossible to buy Apple's top tier phone in Black or White, at least according to official nomenclature.

The rumor that a 'Champagne' iPhone would be unveiled on Tuesday also turned out to be an educated guess rather than from someone 'familiar with the matter'. It made sense - who would have predicted that Apple, for whom 'tacky' is the ultimate insult, would use the word associated with gawdy, tasteless bling? Wouldn't they take the subtle route? Apparently not. So what might the introduction of the names Silver and Gold tell us about Apple's product strategy for the next few years?

It may be that Apple wants us to think about their flagship phone more as jewelry than as technology. It certainly wouldn't be surprising for the company to take such a brazenly pretentious position. But that's a boring analysis.

And so my best guess, and by that I mean most interesting guess, is that Apple is preparing us for their smart watch.

Perhaps in October, perhaps next March, Apple unveils their watch offering, and rather than it look like you glued a tamagotchi to your wrist, it looks like a watch. It looks like a piece of jewelry: it goes with any precious metal on your fingers and, better still, it goes with your iPhone 5s.

What do y'all think?