iPhone 5 water damage. Help?

My gf damaged her phone conveniently after the Apple event. She was apparently sweating profusely after a workout and when she used her phone, the moisture on her face seeped into it. There is now a blue blob stretching across the length of the phones screen on the left side. She showed me it after I got home from work, so I wasn't there to give her the pertinent and timely advice to "THROW THAT SHIT IN THE RICE BIN NAAOOOW!!!".

It's sitting in some rice now, but the damage to the screen seems to be done. The usability hasn't been affected but its annoying. Any advice? Would I be able to replace it under warranty, being that it was damaged during regular use? Should I just replace the display assembly? Is there a reliable source where I can get an OEM part? Which offers the cheapest?


via i.imgur.com


via i.imgur.com