5C enough for you?

Seeing as how the pre-orders are about to open, I figure many have already made up their mind. So I am wondering, is the 5C enough for you? I use an iPhone 5, and when it comes time to upgrade next year, I think I'll be getting the successor to the 5C (whatever it's going to be called).

To me the price isn't a deciding factor, though I'll probably get the 32 gb version for the first time now. It's just the hardware has gotten so good, I'm not sure I see the need to be on the "bleeding edge" anymore. Plus, I like the looks of the new 5C. And I won't be so terrified when I drop my naked iPhone anymore.

So I'm curious to hear what other iPhone users think. Will Apple's new "middle-tier" option be enough, or is it nothing but the high-end for you?