Develop for Android Tablets first??

I saw this on flipboard on found it really interesting.

The app is called Thuuz sports. It's a sports app that essentially competes with ESPN Scorecenter, The Score, and etc. I've been using it for the past couple of days. It's a fairly decent app. It's killer feature compared to the others is fantasy football integration and it does do a very good job at gathering and presenting a wide swatch of sports information. I do think the design could be tweaked in certain ways. It's a little too dark for taste.

It's been out for a while on Android, iOS, and Google TV, but it's never had a tablet version till now. And interestingly enough, they made it for Android first.

"The reason for picking Android first is that we’ve realized measurably more consumer uptake on Android than iOS," explained Thuuz Sports CEO Warren Packard to FORBES. "Given our limited resources, we decided to move forward first with the more popular platform. We will certainly build an iPad optimized version of Thuuz once iOS 7 settles out."

Although they don't mention it in the article, it does seem as though this app uses Android's Fragments API, which probably helped in their decision since going from a phone app to tablet app isn't very difficult and time consuming.

This is just one developer and not a big one at that, so I wouldn't take this to mean that all companies should make tablet apps for Android instead of iOS first, but I think it does confirm that Android tablets have started to make a sizable dent in the tablet ecosystem.

It'll be a very very long time before Android becomes a lead tablet platform, but I think it's certainly gotten to the point where it's financially beneficial and a necessity for all companies to make Android tablet apps and in the occasional instance, make it first.