Sony limiting recording options on the PS4 with DRM/HDCP?

Let me preface this by saying 2 things:

  1. I'm kind of surprised that no one on the verge or Polygon picked this up yet being that this was the top story on Ars yesterday.
  2. I'm not screaming "zomg, VOX is trying to bury a story" or that this site is Anti-MS. I'm only mentioning this because we, gamers on sites like these tend to be more of the hardcore type and recording games is just part of hardcore gaming sect.

Yesterday, Ars Technica ran an article saying High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection aka HDCP (bka another form of DRM) will be enabled on HDMI ports on the PS4. This is nothing new considering that HDCP was enabled on the PS3 but considering that the PS4, like the Xbox One, only has HDMI outputs (so no analog). The issue with this is unlike the PS4, the Xbox One will is not enabling HDCP on it's HDMI (out?) port. Ars lists the major implication of this better than I could:

This would mean that US players who want to capture PS4 gameplay with an external device will have to use an HDCP stripper and will be in technical violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits breaking any kind of technical means of copy protection.

Now, that is the part that sucks. I know that this is a report on a rumor and as such, these kind of things can easily become FUD if someone wants to spin that way. I will say that if it's true, then that would be one of the first anti-gamer (community) things I've seen about the PS4 (no, I don't think only allowing game installs to internal drives is anti-gamer, don't bring it up). I think Sony has built up enough good will with the people to address this in a way that makes sense and people will accept it. I can even start by saying that the share button on the controller would limit the use cases for separate PVRs anyway.

About the Share button, the article goes on to say that the infamous tipster also let it be known uploading videos to YouTube won't happen on the console. I have a harder time believing this myself considering that Sony has said multiple time that you could. Personally, I'm taking a wait & see approach to that one.

Side rant: To build on the first point I made in this post, I'm really surprised that no one picked this up. Ars IS a pretty damn reputable source, even if they are just reporting on a tip. I can't help but think if this were about the Xbox One, people would have been up in arms about this already.

Here are the guys from Machinima talking about this issue **fair warning, there are literally dudes dry humping someone in the beginning**

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