What Windows ultrabooks can be hackintoshed? & your experiences

I want to get an ultrabook soon. I would like something that is light, portable and that has a good screen. I would like a touchscreen as I feel there are use cases where I would or could use it. I've always beens a windows user but I want to give OSX a whirl to see how it is but the Macbook Air has a few compromises that I would perfer not to have to deal with, TN panel, low colour gamut, 1440 x 900 res, poorer driver support and battery life in Windows and no touch screen. I think 1080p will give more screen real estate for productivity and website design.

Alot of ultrabooks shipping now have 1080p IPS displays and I would like an option such as this but because I want to try out OSX I'm wondering if any of the ultrabooks currently out have been successfully hackintoshed, I don't expect to use OSX alot but I would like the option to.

Ultrabooks that I can think of that are out are the Sony Vaio Pro, Duo. The new Acer S7, I'm sure there's others but I can't think of there names. I think last years Yoga was able to be hackintoshed it would be good if this years version could be too.

OR if anyone can comment on their experiences of running hackintosh of Windows ultrabooks