Realistically how early should I get to an Apple store this Friday for iPhone 5S?

I really hate that Apple did not do a preorder this year for the iPhone 5s! Thankfully this Friday is my day off, and I'm devoting my morning to getting an iPhone 5s. I decided I must have 32 GB, and I want black but could live with white. I live very close to the Garden State Mall in Paramus New Jersey, which is a really freaking big mall and a lot of people will probably go there too. I may reconsider, and choose a location it's a little bit smaller, however I imagine they would probably get less iPhones?

That said, if the iPhone goes on sale at 8 AM, and I get there let's say seven 7-7:30, what are the chances that all walk out with a 32 GB iPhone 5 S and either black or white? I really don't want to get there that much earlier, and I'm not a nut job who would camp out the night before, I have a life

For the last couple iPhones, i've pre-oordered online, and my father-in-law walked right into an Apple store around noon the first day of sales, and just picked up the exact one he wanted. No lines, no stress.

Obviously no one can answer my question exactly, but could you offer me some insight into how you'll be getting your iPhone 5s, and what my best move would be?

Side note: Siri auto corrects iPhone 5s as iPhone 5 ass! I think Apple should probably consider fixing this.