HTC One or iPhone 5s: Help Me Decide!

I'll be in the US at the end of September and I've decided to make the switch to either an HTC One or an iPhone 5s. Never have i agonized so much over what should be a pretty simple decision, so I'm turning to you, Android Army, to help me out.

I don't want this to turn into an iOS vs. Android thing, so if you could please focus on the pros and cons of the HTC One and Android in general and on their own merits, that would be great. I'll be putting up another thread in the Apple Core forum to focus on the pros and cons of the 5s so if you have any thoughts to contribute on that, please do so in that thread. [EDIT: Thread link here] I will be buying either phone outright and unlocked (or possibly getting an AT&T HTC One in that sweet Best Buy exclusive blue and then unlocking it later), so price/contract/carrier discussion/etc isn't really a concern - both are similarly priced off contract.


I've got a Nokia Lumia 920 (dat Cyan) that I really do love for the most part. This phone is my daily driver. I have always carried (and still carry) a second phone (either iPhone 4 or 4S) with an iPad SIM card/plan in it, even back in my beloved BlackBerry days, for the app ecosystem. However, I am getting a little tired of carrying two phones so I'm looking to consolidate. My Android experience is limited to a pretty shitty Toshiba Thrive tablet that I rooted and installed ICS on back when it was stuck on Honeycomb, so even though the HTC One would be my first Android phone, I am comfortable with all the customization and tweaking required to get the most out of an Android device.

The HTC One is the only Android phone I am interested in. I have zero interest in the S4, the G2, the Nexus 5, etc.

Reasons why I am interested in the HTC One:

Sound - I listen to a ton of podcasts and/or watch a bunch of videos just before falling asleep (using the phone's speakers - I don't like falling asleep with headphones in), and this for me is the number one feature that has me leaning towards the HTC One over anything else. Also, I listen to a ton of music at work through headphones and from what I understand, the HTC One's audio jack is much better at driving higher-end headphones than any other phone (possibly because of a built-in high quality amp, I'm not sure).

Screen - The HTC One has the most gorgeous display I've ever seen, better in my opinion than the S4 and even the iPhone 5.

Build - The HTC One has phenomenal build design, better than any Android I've handled and on par with the iPhone.

Reasons why I am hesitant about the HTC One:

Camera - The Lumia 920's camera is fantastic, both for photo and video. I've seen lots of photos taken by the HTC One and they don't really impress. Specifically for video recording, the Lumia's OIS seems to work much better than the HTC One camera's OIS from direct video comparisons. Also, audio recorded with my Lumia 920 at a concert is so crystal clear it sounds almost like it was taken straight from the sound board. I've compared the same video shot with my Lumia 920 and an iPhone 5 and the iPhone is so blown out, distorted and useless, while the 920 sounds like CD quality audio. I know launch versions of the HTC One had Nokia mics in them but because of some lawsuit, new HTC Ones don't have that. Can anyone with a newer HTC One (without the Nokia mic) attest to its sound quality when recording video? That's something I'm very worried about.

Bluetooth - My Lumia 920 has the best in-car Bluetooth implementation I've ever seen. It pushes track information and album art from all my apps (Rdio, podcasts, etc) to my car's dash display (something the iPhone also does), but also integrates seamlessly for reading text messages and dictating them (something the iPhone does in a much more limited way based on my personal testing). I'm worried about how the HTC One (and Android in general) will handle this. Are there apps that allow for better in-car integration with Bluetooth?

Build - I've heard of a lot of defective HTC Ones, both from friends and from this forum - issues like WiFi crapping out, defective camera, etc. Since I'll be buying this outright and bringing it back to Canada, I'm worried about the component quality since warranty exchange might be difficult (one advantage for the iPhone is AppleCare, which I've had decent experiences with in the past).

Longevity - The HTC One is already a 6-month old phone, and I want to have this phone last me at least a year. I know HTC is notoriously bad at supporting their phones long-term, and there will most likely be a new HTC around the corner, so this is a bit of a concern.

If anyone has any advice or comments they could share regarding their HTC One (or general Android) experience or can comment on any of the things I mentioned above, that would be great!