Thoughts on my first visit to the Tesla Store

(Sorry, I rushed and posted in the wrong forum. Moved it here in Off-Topic)

I went to the Tesla store for the first time today, and there was a Model S performance model, base model as well as the chassis. Here are my thoughts:

  • The base model car had all its doors and boot and trunk open, and assuming it's always like that, it's great that their very welcoming to visitors to explore the car and whatnot.
  • Love their clean store design. I like how their sell merchandise, which is good if you can't afford a car but you can purchase their memorabilia
  • For the car: I thought this was going to be an S-Class contender, but their offering wasn't super luxurious. I thought the backseat headrests were a bit small. And the lack of door bins means that you can't rest you shoulder there.
  • I think the headroom on the rear is a bit small, and getting our of the car from there is a bit tricky.
  • When I paid for a Tesla cap, their cash register was a MacBook, and they had iPads and iPhones in black cases tethered to the drawer. And there was an iMac in the place where you'd normally discuss about purchasing the car. It's like an awesome feeling seeing two companies with the same mindset working together even if they actually aren't.

For those who've went there before, your thoughts?