MS Credit Card Rant

Well this just ticked me off. I normally buy apps using a prepaid card in my country - Kenya. I've previously done this on android and two months ago I got robbed and lost my HTC One S. So I decided to get a Lumia 620 just to try out windows phone and see if it would make me switch allegiance, LOL. I've used the Lumia for about a month and I have to admit that for its price point the device is great, nothing on the android market within its price range even comes close. So i decided to buy apps today and shock on me. After filling in all the required credentials before purchasing any app the following error pops up - "We cannot authorize the payment method. Please make sure the information is correct or use another payment method. If you continue to get this message please contact your financial institution".


So i was convinced that I had done this wrong and tried severally but to no avail. So I searched online for a remedy and ...........


Pre-paid cards and gift cards (even those with a Visa or MasterCard logo) do not qualify as international cards and are currently not accepted by the Windows Phone Store.

Talk about disappointing. Yet windows phone is aimed at the emerging markets but purchase of apps through prepaid cards is unavailable. In my book that's a huge fail. Most guys here mainly students want apps but a majority don't have credit cards. Prepaid cards are our solution to this and the features are unavailable. So what are we meant to do to get apps. Seriously Microsoft you need to work on this cause as if now I'm switching back to ANDROID. Rant over