Microsoft has a chance to make RT a HIT now more than ever.

I strongly believe Microsoft priced Surface products to not undercut their own OEMs.

They wanted to make a premier Windows devices and inspire OEMs to do the same. But OEMs priced the Windows tablets higher and failed against iPAD and cheaper android tablets.

Now that every OEM ditched RT tablets, Microsoft has a great chance to provide pure tablet experience for customers with great build quality.

They don't need to worry about OEMs because none of them are making RT tablets. But Microsoft need to get the pricing of the RT tablets right this time. They are rumored to make 2 RT tablets.

1. 10.6 inch Surface RT2 (FULLHD, Tegra 4, Windows RT8.1): $399

They need to price this at $399. If they price this same as iPAD ($499) it will be DOA because iPAD has better scree (at least resolution wise), more tablet apps and popular among consumers.

2. 8 inch Surface mini: $249 if it has 1200x800 display, $299 if it comes with FULL HD display.

$299 may seem very low but iPAD mini retina is going to come for $329. So they should undercut the mini.

Full windows 8 tablets are rumored to start at $249. So these prices are reasonable because Microsoft does not have to license fee for their products unlike OEMs.

They should increase the distribution of these tablets for more countries. Launch at 10 countries initially and expand to more markets in 1-2 months. Also, release it in India. Its a huge market and great potential for growth. Its sad that they are ignoring it. They did the same thing with WP but fortunately Nokia changed the things a lot.