Did Microsoft Change the Xbox Music Logo?

I noticed while reading announcements about Xbox Music being released on iOS and Android that the logo for xbox music was slightly different, with the ear cups seemingly more printed. It seems that that logo change also now carries over to music.xbox.com as can be seen below


here is the old logo by comparison


Although I know most don't care (I personally prefer the old logo), I feel like this is another reason why Microsoft should split up the apps from the OS in Windows Phone 8. That way, instead of waiting for an entire OS update to change the logo of an app, or more importantly add features, they could simply release them on the marketplace and would circumvent dawdling carriers.

I'm not sure if Windows 8 or 8.1 does this, but if they don't they should also consider it. Allowing each team to push out updates to their specific app instead of having to wait for an OS update would speed up things so much and keep devices feeling modern and updated.

I'm hoping that starts coming to Windows Phone soon, as well as Windows 8 if it hasn't already.