iOS7 GM on iPhone 5: Slow Animations?

I've seen this mentioned before in other places around the web but not here on The Verge quite yet. Has anyone else who's using the iOS7 GM update on the iPhone 5 feel like the animations are slow. It's not even like they're choppy as if the phone was having a problem rendering them.

When I press the power button, the screen has a fade-in effect to the lock screen. It looks nice but feels like wasted time and that will quickly add up. Same with unlocking the phone, the icons sweep in and take their sweet time nestling onto the home screen. A similar effect happens when you press the home button in an app.

Everything else about iOS7 is quite beautiful with lush colors and the animations themselves are simply gorgeous. I just feel like Apple might be able to retune the animations to about half the time they take now. Perhaps a setting to change the speed?

Anyone else install iOS7? What do you all think about it?