iPhone apps in iOS7 on the iPad

I couldn't resist installing the iOS7 GM on my iPad Mini on Tuesday night, and generally I've been pretty happy with it. Today, I opened RunKeeper and discovered something pretty awesome that I hadn't read about elsewhere - it looks like iPhone apps are finally running on the iPad with their high-res Retina assets, as opposed to the low-res assets we've seen on every previous version of iOS.

Apparently this has been documented elsewhere, and you can see some examples here: http://www.iphonehacks.com/2013/07/ios-7-uses-retina-assets-of-iphone-only-apps-on-non-retina-ipad.html

However, since I follow tech news pretty closely and somehow hadn't heard about it, I figured there might be others on this forum who hadn't heard, either.

While I'm mildly annoyed it took this long (I don't understand why it hasn't worked this way from day one, since there's always been a Jailbreak tweak for it), I'm glad it's finally been done.