How Long does your battery last?

Want to find out, on average, how long peoples phone battery lasts and what they tend to use their phone for.

Phone Model - Nokia Lumia 920

Data - LTE 80% of the time, good signal

Wifi - Always on (Connected while at home, so around 10 hours on a work day...rather do this than turn it off and on everytime I want to connect it to Wifi)

Bluetooth - Always on (Connected when listening to music via Bluetooth Headphones, to and from work, so around 1 hour on a work day)

Background Tasks - 6tag, Battery, Bing News, Map Wallpaper, Metrotube, Runtastic, TimeMe, Weather, Whatsapp

Screen Time-out - 3 minutes

NFC - No

Brightness - Automatic

Glance - Yes

Double tap to wake - Yes

Sunlight Readability - Yes

Battery Saver - On when phone gets low

My battery normally lasts from 7am until around midnight. I've tended to have phones in the past that would have a smaller battery capacity, therefore I had to manage them quite carefully.

Now, I just put everything on 'Max' as I want to actually use the phone to its fullest extent and it lasts me throughout the day quite easily, so i'm a little intrigued how long it would last for if I kept everything on minimum such as screen brightness, wifi & bluetooth off etc...

Screenshot of my phone today (app is called Battery) phone taken off charge at 7am: