Calling engineers and creative mechanical thinkers.

Okay so one of the problems with the Lumia 925, 720 and 1020 are that Wireless charging is not built in anymore, probably for the sake of cost and possibly because the actual wireless charging standard isn't actually set. I don't know if the pins on those phones would support other methods of wireless charging and qi is the only one Nokia makes cases for right now, but that's irrelevant to my plan.

So, since it has already been shown that the wireless charging coils can be taken out of the case and popped inside a Lumia 925, I'm wondering if it would be possible to take a coil from a Lumia 1020 charging case and create a sticker that could be easily removable and placed on the back of your 1020 to charge it instead of needing the Nokia case. This would allow

1. The ability to charge wirelessly with much less added thickness than the case gives.

2. the ability to use a different case on top of the coil and still be able to charge wirelessly. (This would definitely work for thin cases, and since the charging pad has been shown to work through a couple centimeters of wood, I would think an otterbox would work as well, but I'm not positive.

So, the question I pose to the tribe is, is there any reason this would technically not work? If so, why not? If I can figure out how everything will work and what materials to use, i may be able to start a kickstarter after I've made a prototype and begin creating them on a larger scale. I would have to find out how to purchase coils by themselves though, without purchasing the entire case.

Thank you for reading