Guys I think there is hope for Samsung

I mean for Touchwiz. Nature UX. whatever there User Interface/Experience is called.

If you look at their promotional video for their new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you'll notice that their new apps have much improved aesthetics.

The apps are getting flatter and flatter. They are beginning to follow android design guidelines with the use of hamburgers (S apps) and card based UI (their new S finder app)

They have some novelty such as the redesigned S Note app.

Their typography for certain apps are also in line with the new stylish fonts such as Roboto and Apple's New font in iOS7. (look at their new magazine app & S finder app)

If they can really find a way to enhance their UX even more, samsung's UX could be very good and "classy".

Combined with new premium hardware, I think S5 is looking to be very promising.

What do you guys think?