I really don't know which phone to get..

As the title suggests, I am really in need of some advice regarding a new phone. So I thought I would tap into the vast knowledge of Vergers for some advice.

Firstly I have a Galaxy Nexus. It was running incredibly slow at one point, nearly unusable and I honestly wanted to just smash it sometimes due to the frustration. But after upgrading to 4.3 it is so much better. To the extent that I could probably carry on using it a bit longer. However I still want to upgrade because it's been nearly 2 years now, I'm bored of it and it's a bit long in the tooth. The options don't really appeal to me though..

Galaxy S4 - There's no way I'll get the S4. I hate the build and materials. TouchWiz is also awful (even though I could root and install a custom rom).

HTC One - It's a bit big for me, lovely construction but I hate the buttons. Again, not a fan of the skin but could get rid of it.

HTC One Mini - Nice size, materials etc. But again the buttons. And the specs aren't top of the range - I want the phone to last a long time.

Moto X - Would love the Moto X but not available in Europe. Also a bit sceptical about how long the hardware will keep up.

Nexus 4 - Cheap, good size, performs well still, but a year old.

Nexus 5 - Going into 5" phone territory is too much for me. Also I doubt the camera will be very good.

Xperia Z - Again, too big (can you see a pattern emerging here?)

iPhone 5C - Not paying that much for last year's phone.

iPhone 5S - Tempted for a change. But I fear I would miss things from Android like sharing etc., and also I am a heavy user of Google services. Even though the apps are really good now it would still lack the heavy integration I love.

Maybe someone knows of a phone that would be right for me. It feels like nothing is really suitable though. Maybe I should just man up and get the Nexus 5 when it comes out.. it seems like the most fitting for my needs.