Is Microsoft really this distasteful

Microsoft's now famous Window Phone ad makes me sick. And no, it's not because they took some desperate cheap shots at the iPhone. I really don't care what a desperate competitor has to say about a phone.

It's the fact that Microsoft was so tasteless that they used an actor, who was clearly resembles to play Steve Jobs in their "advertisement". How little respect for others must you have to depict the dead former CEO of a competitor to selfishly advertise your own product.

And they didn't even have the respect to depict the man in his healthiest condition. Instead they just had to show Steve in his emaciated state. I guess cancer is something to be made fun of at this company.

And I don't care whether or not Microsoft says this was done intentionally or not. If someone at the company didn't stop and say, "hey, this guy looks a little too much like an emaciated Steve Jobs", then this company is even more incompetent than I previously thought.