What is your plan of attack for Friday?

Hey Folks! My Mother and I are planning to get iPhone 5s' this Friday, and we've been deciding on our plan of attack. We don't mind waiting in line as long as we end up with 5s' when we reach T-mobile's cash register. However, last year, I found success nabbing a Nexus 4 by ordering it on the phone with T-mobile customer service.

So, our current plan is to order them on the phone with Tmo customer service at 3am EST (if possible, of course), and then wait in line at T-mobile later that morning. If we're able to nab them that morning at our T-mobile store, we'll cancel the orders we made over the phone.

I'm assuming that:

1. There will be a line at T-mobile.

2. T-mobile will allow us to purchase the phones in store even if we were able to place an order over the phone earlier that morning.

3. T-mobile will allow us to cancel our over-the-phone orders if we're lucky enough to nab them in a store.

I'm sure a lot of you all have experience with day-1 iPhone purchases. How has it gone down in the past? What is your plan of attack for Friday?