Finding the perfect laptop

Alright, so my Asus U36JC is starting to show it's age, and I've been digging around the web to see if I can find a good replacement. So far I've come up dry, so I thought I'd toss this one to you, esteemed Verge readers, and see if you've come across my ideal laptop in your intradigital excursions. Here's my list of features (though none are really essential):

  • Performance: I've got a nice desktop for all the heavily lifting, and use my current laptop mostly for coding and web browsing
  • Design: I've always been partial to thin and lights for their portability and I'd really like an aluminum chassis, but it really all comes down to durability. My only gripe with my current laptop is the poor build quality.
  • Display: I'm not big on multimedia (I've got a desktop for that) but I do enjoy a quality screen. Also, glass is a big plus.
  • Keyboard: I really hate Mac keyboards. They're mushy and useless for speed typing. Honestly, the best laptop keyboard I've ever used is on my Asus. It's got a nice, stiff action and great travel. Also, chiclet keys are fantastic.
  • Touchpad/Touchscreen: I tend to overuse keyboard shortcuts, so these are pretty much irrelevant.
  • Battery: Batteries are important. 6+ hours on light usage is a must.

This laptop would pretty much be the thing I use to write code and browse the web during class. Price isn't hugely important if I can find what I want, but I think below 1200 would be reasonable. So, any suggestions?