Thinking about a Surface RT help me, here's my situation

Ever since the Surface line came out I've really liked them. I like the way they're designed and the functionality. As all of us know, there are some amazing deals on Surface RTs right now. So here's the situation

I currently have a Lenovo Yoga 13: It's great, super fast very portable runs my adobe programs flawlessly, decent screen res and all that. Problem: I'm running out of space. Mine was an early one that has all the partition issues and after tampering with it the hotfix on Lenovo's website won't work.

I like to use metro apps when I'm not doing school work or media editing

Office could be useful for several of my classes where I don't need Photoshop, InDesign, SPSS or any desktop only programs

Surface RT MS Refurbs are going for like $229.95 right now

Do you guys think I should pull the trigger at that price? How well does it run games like Halo SA? Have the updates made it quicker and snappier on the built in apps? I'd like to use it purely for casual gaming, a little office for school, Music, browsing, and taking it with me i guess battery life is pretty important.

How do you like your RTs and do you think it would be worth it as a secondary device for consumption?

Edit: I also forgot, I have a lot of e-textbooks, pdf readings, and kindle books I read for school