Will Apple Release Preorder Statistics?

Will Apple release statistics on pre-orders for iPhone 5C? I don't think they will this year.

Last year, releasing pre-orders statistics for iPhone 5 proved problematic because iPhone 5 supplies were severely constrained, so launch weekend numbers were not much higher than the pre-order numbers (since Apple only counted delivered iPhones). This same sort of supply constraint happened with iPhone 4, but iPhone 4S was in much greater supply at launch (going much longer before shipping dates began to ship). New hardware and new components trigger this kind of problem. Certainly, the iPhone 5C is not going to be in short supply with all the components of iPhone 5, but replacing the shell with one that is much easier to manufacturer in quantity. iPhone 5S may however suffer from some supply constraints if yields on the Touch ID sensor are limited.

Despite the increased supply of iPhone 5C, I don't think Apple will tell us the number of pre-orders. Doing so would provide unprecedented insight into the breakdown of sales between iPhone models, but would also be potentially skewed if supply of the 5S is constrained. All we know so far is that the off-contract iPhone 5C has already seen its shipping date slip in some colors and that some countries (Hong Kong) have seen all models have their shipping date slipped. But we have no idea what the supply of iPhone 5C looks like here and I think Apple likes it that way. I don't think they want their competitors to know which price points are selling better for them. Instead, I think that on Monday September 23rd, Apple will tell us how many total iPhones they sold at launch, with no breakdown between iPhone 5C and 5S. I also think the number is going to be between 8M and 12M given the increased supply and increased number of markets in which these iPhones are launching.

How many iPhones do you think Apple is going to sell during the launch weekend? What do you think the breakdown between models will be and why?