Sorry state of Google Play

I was recently shocked how crappy Google Play is, I've gave one of my tablets to my 8yr old son with Play enabled (but with parental lock). After few days I take a look and wow - this device was basically overrun with tons of adaware (and plain malaware which try to install APK from outside market, one of the latest "discoveries":

The funny thing is that I'm using android for 4.5yr (yep since G1), but I've simply trained myself to filter out this crap, I automatically skip low rated apps, apps which are clearly a adaware/malaware delivery vector like mentioned above minecraft rip, but less tech savvy user has no chance in confrontation with all this crap. When you look at it closely, it seems that large chunk of all apps are in some violation of ToS (IP violation, sexual content, spam) - appbrain estimates that 25% of all apps is "low quality" ( but I'd say that this is estimation way too low.

I'm just blowing steam off since I'm well aware that google won't do anything about it when it touting it's "open ecosystem" as superior but it's clear that Apple way is better (submission control). I'm also Android developer so I'm clearly aware that this will be quite huge inconvenience (for me as a developer not for end user) but I'd trade this inconvenience in the blink of an eye for hugely improved end user experience.