Looking for a Home Theater Solution

Okay, I come to you all for help.

I'm in need of a home theater setup for my room. I'm on a college student budget, so not looking to spend a crazy amount, but I'll listen to all solutions and see what fits my budget. Just don't throw $1000+ things at me, cause it's just not gonna work.

So my setup includes:

A 60inch Vizio LED TV

Apple TV 1080p

Xbox 360S

Verizon FIOS DVR Box

and soon an Xbox One. I've added a picture for fun and reference.


So I'd like to get a 5.1 system. I don't need blu ray or smart receiver because I have enough stuff that does that crap. I just want something that I can hook up all my devices to, in order for all the sound to come out of the surround sound system. Now I figured since everything is hooked up to my TV, I would just need to find a system that has a optical digital audio port and connect the two? I don't know much, so that is what I thought would work. Let me know!

I do not need a state of the art crazy banging system as I live in an attic, but I do not want a soundbar. I think they're too large, and don't have space for that, while as speakers can be mounted on the walls.

I'd like to get a system with some sort of known brand, such as Sony or Samsung.

Suggestions? Give me some knowledge people.