Oh How Android has grown....

Phones now a days, are commodity items, no matter how much we argue about one thing being better than the other, are phones are like are wallets...in some cases that being the literal case.

But just if you think fast forward to day. One thing is true which has never really been true for Android before. There is literally a decent phone available at nearly every price point and need. Yes there is still some work to be done in the camera category, but overall not that bad

So what is your Android choice for the following categories

  1. The Basic Phone Upgrader, Cheap (Sub $99) and does the basics:
  2. The iPhone Convert: Small (sub 5") Good Camera, Good Performance:
  3. The I hate Multiple Devices, Good Performance, Large Screen Tablet/Phone features (5.5"+):
  4. The Android Purest: Stock Stock Stock!!!
  5. The I am just cheap, but want to everything on my phone:
  6. I just need something below 5"
  7. The I like flashy colors: