September 25th: Ne"X"us marks the spot?

We have always tried to decipher things from the time and date on stock photos of mobile devices. On Nexus devices the time is a giveaway as to what version of Android it will be launching with. Well, you may find something interesting if you take a look at the Moto X's stock device photos on motomaker, sprint, verizon, us cellular, etc. They all have the date, September 25th. Why would it have a date that is so far ahead of when it was actually released?

I can only speculate, but there have been some Motorola Nexus rumor's floating around. It has been proposed that there would be a Motorola Nexus that would be lower spec'd than LG's Nexus and thus command a lower price. Could it possibly be the dev editions of the moto x? What do you guys think, will we see something on Wednesday, September 25th.