Windows PC's have no resale value ! Yet, very high retail pricing.

I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Basically I just sold my 13" MBA 2013 with that god awful screen ($1250AUD) and picked up a Sony Vaio Pro 13 2013 for ($880, sealed in box) with a 1080p perfect touchscreen, just as good keyboard and trackpad works much better than the MBA in Windows with trackpad++, I feel like I upgraded big time, yet made $370 in the process.

The bad thing is that Wintel Ultrabooks cost a lot ! They cost more than the MBA for the most part, but a lot of users do sell their machines at some point and would like to get a fair price and that is impossible with a Wintel PC, you pay a lot but sell for next to nothing. Wintel notebooks are already on par and better build quality wise (S7 > MBA), the only way to explain it is Apple's unparalleled mind share and image.