S4 active screen prone to cracking?

Hi everbody,

My phone is dying a slow death so it is time to get after some years a new one and my carrier offered my some phones and as you may know, it is really hard to make a decision.

- Samsung Galaxy S4 149€

- Samsung Galaxy S4 199€

- Sony Xperia Z 49€

- iPhone 5 (not s)

- HTC One 149€

I would choose the S4 in a heartbeat because it would be nice to have a 5 inch screen and exchangeable battery but I heard so many complaints about the screens cracking for no reason.

So my question: Have there been any improvements by Samsung and does the S4 active suffers from the some problems?

Which one would you choose? Would you wait a month or two longer to wait for another phone (like Note 3, 5s though they will definitely be more expensive)? Xperia Z is really cheap too but I've heard also complaints about bad battery life and screen.

I know, it is kind of boring to read all these post from people answering for device suggestions but I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you so much!!