What Existing Parts of iOS Do You Hope Apple Fixes with iOS7?

There's a couple things I really hope Apple fixes in iOS7.

-I really hope Apple fixes the Music app. I want to access my iTunes music library on my iPad but Home Sharing is severely buggy. It only lists about 1 percent of my music and/or the album art doesn't correctly match the titles and artists associated with it. I've troubleshooted it to death, but it's a common problem.

-I only have 16GB in my iPad and the photos app has 700MB of something stuck in Photo Stream. I've cleared that out to the best of my ability but it won't give me back that storage space.

-The other catagory of storage can become huge with little indication of what's taking up all the storage space.

Does anyone else have any gripes? I'm only interested in what's bothering people in iOS6 instead of the new things iOS7 brings to the table.