Control center should have an icon for...


I mean, it has a useless flashlight icon. A clock icon (to be honest I use siri to set alarms, so this isn't that useful to me). A camera icon, which is already acess able from the lock screen. When I want to quickly get the camera I click the "sleep wake button" and then swipe up the camera icon. If the device is sleeping, I hit the home button and swipe up. So to be honest, this isn't that useful either.

But anytime I want to change settings, which I literally do several times a day, I have to hit the home button, and go searching for my settings app. I think it would be way more practical to have one of those icons be a settings icon...that way settings is always a swipe away.

Uttimatly, it should be user acessible, but I know I would set it to the settings app.