120fps on my phone, but not on my camera?!

I'm a video guy. I think it's awesome that we live in a world where technology is moving so fast that our phones are getting 120fps 720p video not more than a few years after they started taking any semblance of good video at all, but I really find the more recent developments from Apple intriguing given where the technology / price point is at on current video cameras.

As someone who produces videos using a DSLR, my eye is always on how to get slow motion footage, as it's a very powerful storytelling tool. Because my camera (T3i) is limited to 30fps 1080p / 60fps 720p, I often find myself resorting to frame interpolation (also known as Optical Flow in FCPX, or its plugin cousin Twixtor) to achieve the speed I'm looking for.

So why don't I get a camera capable of higher frame-rate HD? Let me break down for you just how interesting the current tech / price gap is in video camera gear, in regards only to frame rate / video resolution:

Canon T3i
30fps 1080p / 60fps 720p

Canon 5D MkIII
30fps 1080p / 60fps 720p

RED Scarlet
48fps 4K / 60fps 1080p / 120fps 1K
$7500 brain only (real use-case cost $20K-$30K)

RED Epic Mysterium-X
120fps 5K
$17,500 brain only (real use-case cost $40K-$50K)

RED Epic Dragon
100fps 6K / 120fps 5K / 200fps 3K / 300fps 2K
$29,000 brain only (you get the idea)

And finally...

iPhone 5s
120fps 720p

Maybe I'm belaboring an obvious point, but I do find it interesting that I may soon be using my phone to capture something that my dedicated DSLR can't. I just hope that this pushes technology forward and gets Canon / Nikon off their butts and into a more competitive space.