Nexus 7 LTE (2013): Verizon refusing to open new lines

It appears Verizon is up to its usual shit, and are currently refusing to open up new lines for people looking to get a sim for their new, LTE enable Nexus 7. Their reason seems to be as follows:

Apparently Verizon lacks the infrastructure to activate a new device/data line on an LTE-only device without a legacy CDMA radio and the corresponding ESN or MEID identifier. This shouldn't be that much of an issue: paying or prospective Verizon customers should be able to call Verizon or walk into a Verizon retail store to set up a new data line, right?

Wrong. At present, it appears that Verizon is either unable or unwilling to set up a new line of service for a device that the company isn't offering as part of its official lineup..

The new Nexus 7 appears to exclude the CDMA radio required to transmit Verizon's 3G frequencies, which are pretty garbage to begin with.

If you already have a separate SIM you should be fine, however, as this only pertains to folks trying to add a new line. Regardless, it seems like a pretty asinine excuse not to serve a customer, when there is an obvious compatibility with their network. Just another example of greedy corporations being greedy.