A7 - Quick Summary

So after Anand's review went up, I thought I would just create a quick summary of what the A7 is for SoC geeks (like myself).

28nm TSMC node

2 x 1.3 GHz cores

"Cyclone" replaces Swift as the core architecture

Full ARMv8 Design

64-bit, 31 64-bit general registers, AArch64


PowerVR Rogue 6420 GPU, 4 x 300 MHz cores (arranged in clusters)

Approx. 1E9 transistors, 102 mm^2 die area.

After benchmarks, the SoC is quite clearly the most powerful chip, CPU and GPU-wise, available atm. The SoC also seems relatively power efficient, even with its out-of-order execution.

One thing that surprised me was that the M7 was not integrated (unlike Motorola's X8). I was hoping that Apple would have been able to fit everything onto one chip, but for unseen reasons, they have decided against that.

Please read the Anand review. It is really quite good and really goes over the benefits of 64-bit other than memory addressability.

Full Review @ Anandtech