Will the Verge finally give a look at iOS 7 APIs, under-the-hood changes and smaller details now that the "developer NDA" is gone?

Note: I am not talking about this, this or this... (Although in the comment section there were some page-long lists of links of missed reporting and coverage by the Verge but those lists got deleted by someone.)

Some tech blogs but especially the Verge had extremely poor coverage of iOS 7 beta when it was announced and released. The Verge dismissed complaints about their particular shallow iOS 7 coverage with "We can't report on features and APIs under developer NDA." (While still reporting on 2 or 3 NDA items...)

APIs, under-the-hood changes and iOS 7 details that go further than a quick first look were completely missing and not remotely as good as the awesome coverage and details Tom Warren has when reporting on WP8 and Windows 8.1 features and changes. I am not even expecting the Verge to have the same coverage as cultofmac, etc... but I would prefer to get a decent enough coverage just by reading the Verge.

(And no, the iOS 7 review and The best hidden features in iOS 7 hardly touch on any of those.)

Now that the NDA has dropped I expect some detailed reports and looks.


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