SoundWave Version 1.0 (Concept)

so i've had this idea for quite sometime but never knew how to get it out so i decided one day to open illustrator and just crank out a rough concept of what i had in my head. if you have any suggestions, comments about the design, advice, or even wanting help crank out a more professional version of the design ( which would be amazing!)!7249&authkey=!AAN7Vdp503RWRQQ&v=3!7250&authkey=!ALVBa3CKVncucfE&v=3!7248&authkey=!ADudzwH4p_iI8nk&v=3

i would also like to work with a developer to see if this app would be possible, which would be really cool!

just copy and paste into the browser i couldn't get the links to work.