iOS7 notifications are a step back and some other qualms

This is just my opinion, but am really looking forward to jailbreaking my phone just to tweak the OS. The transition to a flatter look has the dock looking like a step back. So far I think its an advance in the right direction with some places taking a step back.

I'll just list down what I think is a step back:

  1. The Icons are a hit and miss, some to like, some to find utterly revolting. But are generally abstract( the photos and game center icons look good but what do they have to do with the apps they represent)
  2. The dock should be in 3D. WTF Apple, WTF, like WTF WTF WTF WTF
Some steps forward:
  1. Siri is soooo much better now
  2. The Camera app(irrespective of the revolting icon ) is out of this world