Switching from iOS: Android Alternative App Suggestions

Hey - I'm sure this has been a thread here way too often, but humor me. I tried looking back for anything recent and didn't see anything. I'm switching from iOS to Android and luckily a ton of my most used iOS apps have official Android counterparts.. some don't though. So.. the idea here is I'll list off a bunch of apps I'm going to miss having from iOS, and you pros can suggest things that'll work for me on Android. Sound fun?


I've been using Tweetbot for about a year now and I absolutely love it. (It's actually the reason I started using Twitter daily) Now that I'm setting up my Nexus, I'm having trouble finding something I like. I've tried the official Android Twitter app but it doesn't have quite as many features as Tweetbot. The design is nice, but not quite as functional either. I tried to scan the Play Store but there are dozens of things to choose from. I've heard nice things about Plume and Tweetcaster but haven't tried either. FalconPro's workaround is still functional, right? Anyway, I was hoping there was some Tweetbot equivalent (As in a consensus "best on the OS" client, not an Android version of Tweetbot) .. so what are you using?

Mextures/Photo Editing

My "posting to Instagram" workflow on iPhone consists of PS Express, VSCO Cam (which is in beta on Android, thankfully), Afterlight, Mextures, and Snapseed (along with a handful of other apps as needed for framing, panoramas, text, AntiCrop, whatever).

Unfortunately, Afterlight and Mextures aren't on Android. What other sorts of photography apps are you guys using?


Whenever I do get a chance to run with my iPhone I tend to use Nike+ and Spotify, which don't tend to play nicely together. (I think iOS forces Nike+ to default to the Music app or something) Anyway, I know there's a Nike+ Android app but what works best for you guys?


This is more of an open suggestion thing - what are you guys playing?

Also a request: Do you guys know of any game that's similar to this? It's an accelerometer game called Fall-E I used to play a lot on my Palm Pre..


I'm on this self-improvement kick lately. I've been trying to ease into using Mint on iPhone but it's been sort of a chore. That may be a personal problem and I definitely don't want to get into asking for advice on being more responsible with money here, but what are you guys using to manage your budgets?

On top of that, I'd love some suggestions on any general self-improvements apps you guys love. Anything similar to Day One or Gratitude! on iOS would be grand.

Also, random question: On iPhone, when you play an .MP4 file in the browser it'll play no problem. On Android, I've found that I only get sound. Is there a fix for that?

Other than that, I'd love to hear about any other Android apps you guys love. Thanks!