What's with all the hate towards Samsung?

Now before you comment guns blazing, hear me out.

I have been with Samsung for over 2 years, getting an S2 in 2011 before that I had a HTC Wildfire.
The HTC was bad, it messed up within 6 months so I sold it. I got an s2 afterwards and it was brilliant, still working today. I upgraded to the S4 because it's what I'm used too, I really like my S4. Apex launcher and it works perfectly.

It's just my personal preference, the HTC One didn't appeal to me because I like to be able to take my battery out.

We all have our own preferences, so why all the hate? Yes it may be plastic but I don't mind that, when you use the S4 for a while it's amazing. Try things before you hate; so you can give a proper recommendation.