Yet Another iOS 7 Opinion

So I've finally had a chance to play with iOS 7 for a few hours. I'm not gonna waste your time with some long winded dissertation of how much I like it. Just a few bullet points, perhaps. First, know that all my previous opinions on the OS were all based on videos and images. I loved the new look/features and I couldn't wait to have it. But now, after seeing it in person, it's so much better than I thought it would be! So what exactly am I liking so much about the change?

The "layers"... experiencing it first hand truly adds to the UX of the device. The way folders/icons come at me and fall back into place feels great

Animations... so much attention to detail. The OS feels alive with text bubble inertia, the way the UI falls away when you swipe to unlock, etc. There's something about it that transcends being just an OS.

Performance... I didn't expect my iPhone 5 to feel any faster, but it does. I feel like I've just purchased a brand new device. Again, the transitions play a big part in this.

And the icons? WHO CARES? Unless the only apps you have on your phone are the defaults, they blend in really well with everything else on the home screen.

I really do feel like I just bought a newer, faster phone. IMO, this OS is all about the user experience. Whenever I see someone downplay iOS7 and clearly have no experience with it, I cant help but laugh.