Dev: Why should it always be the iPhone first?

Just recently had a fall out with a friend over this. I have this idea for an advanced messaging platform for the future and needed a pro, so I contacted a good friend to help me develop the app. He was so excited about the idea that he was going to pause his own project just for it. Well long story short, there was no take off just because we could not agree on which platform to start. His points for going iPhone first were ;

1) Everyone is doing it and there must be a good reason why.

2) Silicon valley loves the iPhone, so they support start-ups who built for the iPhone with funding. Even the tech press, releasing an iPhone app first will get better press and exposure. And the app being a new concept will benefit from the tech hype. He says that is the reason there are no successful mainstream android only apps.

3) Android fragmentation, Too many devices to support while you just have one with a better experience with the iPhone.

4) Apple caters to the high end while android is the low end, so many more iPhone 5 users who spent money.

My take is different, some of his points are propaganda started by appleinsider and repeated so many times it became "true".

1) Why copy what everyone is doing? Why not stand-out, a messaging app needs people, why not try to target 80% of smartphones instead of following what "everybody" is doing.

2) He kind of has a point here but I can counter. For exposure we can start with android blogs and if the reaction from users is good, the main press will not be able to ignore a good app. I also guarantee that it will get featured in the play store with a large android exclusive. With a good app, users will come (android sure has users), the press will follow and so will funding. The worst case scenario we can raise money on a crowdfunding site(also raise awareness). I think android fans will support us. The lack of success, should not scare anyone who believes in his product.

3) Google has really made improvements here. I think what he is actually trying to say is, he is not use to developing for android and from what he heard its very complicated. Could have been in the past but right now any good developer should not complain about android.

4) Yes Apple generally goes for the high end market but not true in mobile where you can buy an iPhone for free in the US(their biggest market). There are more high end android phones, Samsung sold more S4s and note 2s than apple sold the iPhone 5. Not even counting Sony, HTC ones and other high end androids.

To summarize, I really think Android has matured to a point where there is no big difference and it has way more users. Been accused of taking my feelings over business which is not true(also have an iPhone 4S).

There is a narrative being written and we have to try to change it, one app at a time. I am not going to give up on my plans, and if there is a great android dev out there who is interested, please hit me up( gwawill) at google mail. Does anyone else think am making a mistake? Also has there been any app that has failed to reach its potentials just because it launched on android first?