Does anyone else find it funny?

Does anyone else find it funny how The Verge staff (and people in general) talk about how they are going to wait and see what Apple comes out with next to make their decision on a smartphone upgrade? We get all the leaks and people have a very good idea of what the phone will consist of. Most of The Verge staff (and people) like to say they won't upgrade given the leaks. That it isn't revolutionary enough but when it comes down to it almost everyone (tech nerds at least)upgrade. What I find so funny is that the upgrades are usually very iterative (not a bad thing, you can't always reinvent the wheel) yet The Verge staff ends up upgrading. Like do you seriously think Apple won't improve the camera and chipset? Why act like you won't upgrade when in reality all it takes is for Apple to upgrade the camera and chipset? I assume most of the guys on The Verge Mobile Show will end up upgrading. Let's just stop and admit that upgrades will happen every year for these guys. We can see for many all it requires is a new chipset and camera for the upgrade to be worth it. Newsflash, Apple will improve the camera and chipset every single release.