There's iOS7 minimal, then there's WP

These are some screen shoots of iOS7 stock wallpapers, and as soon as I put them on my Lumia 820 I showed up all the iPhone users in my school who were either in love or truly hated it.

To me and some of the people I showed these images on my lock screen WP proved to be the original simplistic OS, with them having downloaded iOS7 they understood the reason for WP design, those that loved iOS7 saw it as the original and the inspiration for iOS7; and those that hate it preferred it and said iOS7 did a bad job of copying.

But for me my favourite lock screen wallpaper seems to be this(above) picture of Jack Daniels on a nice summers day. I also had an idea of a unique kind of wallpaper for WP start screens. Imagine a picture of the sea, it extends from the sun at noon all the way to the sea bed, you can crop it to fit the length of your app list, it could be done with a picture of a redwood or a skyscraper, tiles or a carpet.

Anyway, share your lock screen images as well if you want.